General Guideline Info:

Ricky’s Back Yard started out as an anthology publisher that (get this) PAID its authors and gave the rest of the money to charities. We had a big $1,000 grand prize send off as #Resist (aka Fucked) to close shoppe on anthologies and open it for novels.  We aim to publish 1-2 novels per year and the reading fee is $3,000. Just kidding. Only scum bags charge reading fees and Grandma Ann didn't raise no punk ass bitch. We don't charge a thing for submitting. So, if you have something you THINK is up our alley (dark and bloody alley at that), do feel free to send it.

What we are looking for is ‘interesting’ and ‘I need to see that again’ and ‘Jesus, that gave me a nightmare…’ Please note that this is not an offer to have stories about kittens in a blender or anything. We want submissions that are strong, punk, dark, humorous, and just strange enough to be true. If you have that story that other people wouldn’t touch with a 15-foot pole then send it over! Just make sure it’s worth the email postage before doing so.

Novels?  Want them!  Graphic Novels? Oh, hell ya!  Short Story Collection?  Damn right! F those other presses! Poetry!? Errm...we need to talk. It's not you, it's us (No Poetry).

If you want to submit your story or graphic work, please use this rather cool Submittable form. Emails are sooooo 2016.

As we have previously hinted at, #Resist was our last anthology. We've had a great run and gave a lot of money to charities well deserved.  However, we are turning our attention to something a bit 'bigger'.  Ricky's Back Yard is proud to announce that we are currently accepting full-length novel manuscripts!

Got a novel? How about a collection short stories?  Poetry (sorry, no poetry!) Graphic Novel?!  Sure!  We want raw. We want real. We want YOU!

Our rules are simple:

  1. Send via Submittable a Cover letter, a logline, a synopsis (no more than 1-2 pages!), and the first 30 pages of your novel/short story collection/graphic novel in PDF form.
  2. If you do submit somewhere else, tell us so we are aware.
  3. If we say 'yes', and if you accept, then you agree to our terms (which are similar to our anthology terms but we keep the rights with us longer).
  4. If you we say 'no', we will try to give you feedback. That feedback might be 'this was damn close, if you want try this this and this the resubmit' or it might be 'sorry, but no thank you'. We might even suggest you to a related publisher.

Our offer is also simple:

  1. We don't charge a reader fee (beware of anyone who does)
  2. We don't charge our authors a damn cent (beware of anyone who does)
  3. We do not pay advances--but will pay royalty.
  4. You will receive an e-book and print book treatment.
  5. You will receive an author copy of each.
  6. You will have input on cover art
  7. You will have rights as described in the terms of the contract (but if you do make a damn movie out of this--remember us, eh?)
  8. We will do our best to push your book.
  9. We will treat you as one of the family (small prints ftw!) (No borrowing the car! Get home by 9! What's that on your face?!  A PLEDGE PIN!?!!)
  10. We will entertain publishing things that most houses would blush reading.

The full contract can be found here.  Remember, by submitting you agree to the terms of the contract.

Got something cool but your swag doesn't fit our theme? Maybe you have a killer artwork and you hate print due to the limited canvas and color restrictions. Maybe it's a flash fiction or even a microfiction?  Heck, we'd love a short story or even novella.  Do you wish you had hands? If any of the above sounds like you then the Weekly Dump of Arty Goodness is for you!

This is our 'online only' version of Ricky's Back Yard and is pays $2 CAD via PayPal or in person if you can catch me. Remember, by submitting, you agree to our contract here.

You know you want to submit--it's fun--plus where else would you get a Pushcart Prize nominating anthology who ran a graphic art story about literally fisting cancer in the peehole?

Ricky's Back Yard