General Guideline Info:

We started as a theme anthology publisher where all the monies went to charity.  Currently, we are still publishing nigh daily graphic art/horror news, podcasts, and reviews on the website ( (and with pay!). We also publish horror novels, graphic novels, and occult non-fiction (read on for that submission page!). (@hauntedmtl) is the location for the daily horror feed, including HauntedMTL Originals of art/fiction. If you have a horror short story, be on the lookout for our anthology calls!

What we are looking for is ‘interesting’ and ‘I need to see that again’ and ‘Jesus, that gave me a nightmare…’ Please note that this is not an offer to have stories about kittens in a blender or anything. We want submissions that are strong, punk, dark, humorous, and just strange enough to be true. If you have that story that other people wouldn’t touch with a 15-foot pole then send it over! Just make sure it’s worth the email postage before doing so.

If you want to submit your story or graphic work, please use this rather cool Submittable form. Please note that we do send regular mailing lists out to everyone who submits--and we always allow an option to get off that list. However, submitting here also means you consent to being put on the list (until you tell us otherwise!)

Queer as Hell - a HauntedMTL LGBTQ charity anthology 

Following up on our 101 Proof Horror anthology (thank you for the smash hit!), we are Proud to announce our Queer as Hell anthology. We want LGBTQ writers and themes. Are you an LGBTQ horror writer? Maybe your horror work has Queer themes (looking at you, Nightmare on Elm Street!), then this is the submission call for you! 

We are looking for: 

  • Flash Fiction 
  • Short Story (sub 8,000 words)

Everything has to be original (NO LYRICS that aren't yours—seriously, nothing copyrighted) and from your head only. You must be of the legal age to submit and agree to our terms. There is no payment to authors for this project but know that you are going for a good cause as part of the sales will go to LGBTQ charities.

To increase your chances of getting accepted: 

  1. Say Hi in your query letter to us (aka don't be rude)
  2. Tell us what the story is about - the art of the logline isn't dead!
  3. The story - or - author must identify with LBGTQ
  4. Love horror

Think you got what it takes? Click the button below — Submission has never been as fun! Good luck, y'all!!

Did you ever close your eyes but kept peeking anyways? Have bad dreams about a movie that haunted you--and still watched the sequels? 

We are looking for horror reviewers for Movies, TV, Games (Video and Other), and books. If it drips, sucks, or oozes blood—we want to cover it.

This is a blog post (straightforward style to learn) that will be 100% original content driven with use of credited cover work (e.g., a movie poster/book cover, etc). This position pays $2 a post and each post should be between 300 to 400 words.

HauntedMTL is a vocal and active horror family who supports underrepresented voices including POC, BLM, LBGTQ voices in horror (and just in general). If you don't vibe with this—please skip us over (plenty of other cool places for you to apply but we might not be your cuppa).

If you are interested, please send us a sample of your writing (on topic). 

Good luck :)

Czykmate Productions