General Guideline Info:

We started as a theme anthology publisher where all the monies went to charity.  Currently, we are still publishing nigh daily graphic art/horror news and reviews on the website ( (and with pay!).  Czykmate Productions ( is where you'll find all of our anthologies and novels/novellas in ebook form (plus Amazon, B&N, Chapters, and some weird Swedish sites...). (@hauntedmtl) is the location for the daily horror feed, including HauntedMTL Originals of art/fiction.

What we are looking for is ‘interesting’ and ‘I need to see that again’ and ‘Jesus, that gave me a nightmare…’ Please note that this is not an offer to have stories about kittens in a blender or anything. We want submissions that are strong, punk, dark, humorous, and just strange enough to be true. If you have that story that other people wouldn’t touch with a 15-foot pole then send it over! Just make sure it’s worth the email postage before doing so.

If you want to submit your story or graphic work, please use this rather cool Submittable form. Emails are sooooo 2016.

101 Proof Horror - HauntedMTL anthology

This is it--HauntedMTL is proud to announce our submissions for our first Horror Anthology!  101 Proof Horror is everything  you ever wanted in an anthology--blood, demons, blood demons, ghouls, and even the occasional (not-so) holy ghosts. Whatever you can dream of--we want it.  If it gives you nightmares, then send them our way!

We are looking for:

  • Flash Fiction 
  • Short Story (sub 8,000 words)
  • Black and White graphic submissions (print-ready)

Everything has to be original (NO LYRICS that aren't yours--seriously, nothing copyrighted) and from your head only.   You must be of the legal age to submit and agree to our terms.

Payment is in the form of an ebook code for any book on our Czykmate bookstore (one free ebook).  

To increase your chances of getting accepted:

  1. Say Hi in your query letter to us (aka don't be rude)
  2. Read the stories on our website ( to get a feel for what we like
  3. Be original
  4. Love horror

Think you got what it takes?  Click the button below -- Submission has never been as fun!

TL;DR - We want Horror in all formats (graphic  novel,  novel, collection). We will also publish short story (non-horror) collections.  Non-fiction occult is a good submission, too.  We do not take pitches or works in progress--also, no poetry. Everything submitted has to be your own--UNPUBLISHED work (this includes not using song lyrics or submitting self-published/blog work to us).

Got a horror novel? How about a collection of short stories?  Poetry (sorry, no poetry!) Horror graphic novel?!  Sure!  We want raw. We want real. We want YOU!  Seriously, if you send us Poetry--we are not reading it. You know who you are...

Our rules are simple:

  1. Send via Submittable a Cover letter (P.S. if you don't say at least Hi to us in the cover letter, Dr Jo kills it in the trashcan), a logline, a synopsis (no more than 1-2 pages!), the word count, and the first 30 pages of your novel/short story collection/graphic novel in doc/docx form.
  2. If you do submit somewhere else, tell us so we are aware.
  3. If we say 'yes', and if you accept, then you agree to our terms (Terms if we give you a print/ebook contract here; Terms if we give you a trial ebook contract here).
  4. If you we say 'no', we will try to give you feedback. That feedback might be 'this was damn close, if you want try this this and this the resubmit' or it might be 'sorry, but no thank you'. We might even suggest you to a related publisher.

Our offer is also simple:

  1. We don't charge a reader fee (beware of anyone who does)
  2. We don't charge our authors a damn cent (beware of anyone who does)
  3. We do not pay advances--but will pay royalty.
  4. You will have rights as described in the terms of the contract (but if you do make a damn movie out of this--remember us, eh?)
  5. We will do our best to push your book.
  6. We will treat you as one of the family (small prints ftw!) (No borrowing the car! Get home by 9! What's that on your face?!  A PLEDGE PIN!?!!)
  7. We will entertain publishing things that most houses would blush reading.

 Remember, by submitting you agree to the terms of the contracts.  Also, no, we don't alter contracts. If you don't like it--well, there's the door :)    --->

When most kids my age were reading about a Big Red Dog, I was reading about Pennywise. I grew up on Faces of Death, Alien, and Halloween OG. I've hunted the ghost of Socrates in Athens. There's a statue of Pazuzu in my bedroom. I'm that person. 

If any of that connects to you, boy do I have place that wants to see your story! Czykmate Productions proudly presents HauntedMTL--the Original Content. We want to hear what makes you tick, chill, and shiver. Give us your gore, your moaning banshees, heck, even a story about a Starbucks haunted by Elvis. Give us what's unique to you.

We will take short story, flash fiction, and graphic pieces (either one-shots or sequentials with the preference of sequential art).   Please remember:  This has to be YOUR own work (e.g., no using song lyrics in your text) and unpublished (self-publishing included!).

This is an open call and rolling submission that pays $2 USD via PayPal or in person if you can catch me. Remember, by submitting, you agree to our contract here.


Did you ever close your eyes but kept peeking anyways? Have bad dreams about a movie that haunted you--and still watched the sequels? 

We are looking for horror reviewers for Movies, TV, Games (Video and Other), and books. If it drips, sucks, or oozes blood--we want to cover it.

This is a blog post (easy style to learn) that will be 100% original content driven with use of credited cover work (e.g., a movie poster/book cover, etc).  This position pays $2 a post and each post should be no more than 400 words.

If you are interested please send us a sample of your writing (on topic). 

Good luck :)

Czykmate Productions